Thursday, 7 February 2008

Back to Atascosa

Today Skip went to a golf driving range to finely hone his skills since the big layoff all winter. It was a beautiful sunny day in the low 70sF. After that we had lunch at Taquería El Zarape in Harlingen. I had three tacos al trompo and Skip had fajitas in a big flour tortilla. We both had charro beans. After that we headed back to Atascosa to see what we could see. There was much less wind today so the laguna was very calm.

We spotted several new (for us this trip) birds: the northern shoveler (which looks like a big mallard), whimbrels, willets, a great kiskadee, and what we think is a long-billed curlew. Skip saw a buff-bellied hummingbird.

We also spotted the loggerhead shrike,

the long-billed thrasher,

the crested caracara,

and a (beep, beep) roadrunner.

I also saw another interesting sign:

And if that isn't enough excitement for one day, I cast on the Diamond Blossom Scarf from Iris Schreier's 'Modular Knits' using the Sean Sheep armytage yarn from WalMart.


  1. david and I are both saying that you should talk about Video games more LOL

  2. Ha ha ha. Maybe I'll mention the Pong game on my cell phone. Ha ha ha.