Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Blog Break

Since coming home last Thursday, I haven't really felt like blogging so I took a bit of a break.

Last Thursday evening I went to the Sit 'n Knit at Kniterary. Martina needed someone to knit a baby cardigan, booties and a hat for a client so I volunteered. Once I got the project home, I realized the stitch pattern was a real pain in the butt. Each row had 178 stitches and it was taking forever to make any kind of progress. I decided to only do the cardigan and Martina did the booties and hat. I had to rip the damned thing out about 3 times until I finally got the hang of the pattern and was able to correct mistakes as I went along. I modified the sleeves and did only an inch of the pattern and finished the rest in stockinette. I also knit them in the round to eliminate having to stitch them up. When I got to the pattern part, I knit back and forth and just stitched up the seam on that part. I finished the knitting last night and crocheted a picot edging all around the edges. I dropped it off at the store today. Martina's going to sew the sleeves on and weave in the ends.

I slept in Saturday morning. I haven't felt particularly road weary but I think it just all caught up with me and I slept 11 hours.

We had the 'big storm' on Saturday and spent Sunday morning digging out the sidewalk, driveway and walkway. We are now only about 20cm from the most snowfall in one season ever.

At Kniterary today I bought some lovely Arequipa sock yarn in a lovely purple-blue colourway. I'm knitting the Embossed Leaves socks from my lovely new "Favourite Socks" book I bought at the end of our holiday last week. I have about 3" done and the yarn feels nice and squishy. The pattern looks great.

Tomorrow Skip and I are heading into The Big City to see Part I of Nicholas Nickleby. It has received very good reviews. Next Wednesday is Part II. I hope we can get home in time for me to go to the Knitter's guild. Next week we'll have dinner in the city after the show. Hopefully we'll get a chance to go to the World's Biggest Book Store and look at birding and knitting books.

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