Friday, 14 March 2008

Lazy Blogger

I have a brand new camera and yet, have not posted any pictures since I came home. Oh well.

I enjoyed the Knitting Guild last night. We watched parts of a Lucy Neatby video and looked at what each other has been knitting. I won a nifty set of 8mm bamboo dpns. One of the gals, Jackie, showed off a pair of Men's Casual Cable socks which intrigued me so I looked it up on Ravelry when I got home and determined which Patons book it is from - 'Happy Feet'. I also had the urge to get the 'Street Smart' pattern book which has the Must Have Cardigan which I have decided to knit with Classic Merino Wool in Natural Mix colourway. The pattern needed to be sized larger but that just means adding extra moss stitches to each side seam. I have also gone up one needle size.

Fred's friend, Bob, came over to help us make another attempt to hook up the home theatre system (HTS) to our TV. He was mostly successful. That is, he got the HTS working with the radio in the tuner and and the VCR/DVD player hooked up so that I don't have to go behind the TV to switch from TV viewing to VCR or DVD viewing. The only thing that isn't really working properly yet is the HTS with the VCR and DVD. Oh well. It's an improvement.

Tonight was Sit 'n Knit at Kniterary. At one point 4 of us had to rip our work back as we had all made mistakes due to our chatting. Margo is a new fan of the magic loop and the kitchener stitch. Shawna showed off her first sock. She is using a multicoloured self-striping Regia yarn and the generic Yarn Harlot sock pattern from "Knitting Rules". The sock was well done. Martina showed off the two baby sets that had been commissioned. She did a beautiful job of sewing the sleeves on the cardigan and blocking it.
She also found a couple of vintage buttons that matched the yarn perfectly. Martina's going to do a severe blocking of the front right again today as this pattern does have a tendency to pull to one side.