Friday, 14 March 2008

Must Have Cardigan Frogged and Restarted

I got several inches done on my Must Have Cardigan and realized that it really wasn't going to be wide enough so I frogged it and have re-started. Using stitch markers has made it much easier to see where my pattern panels are and I've figured out how the moss stitching is working. I really like working with the Patons Classic Merino Wool yarn. It's coming along nicely but I have to put it down and get some more things done around here.

I'm going to attempt to make a baked fish dinner with oven 'fried' potatoes and some steamed vegetable or other. I have found a couple of recipes on the Internet that look like something I could do. Now I have to head to the store and get some fresh fish. We eat so much chicken - Scooter doesn't eat beef or pork - that I really wanted to learn how to cook a fish entrée.

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  1. So you're home! That must feel fine after having been away so long. I am also making the Must Have Cardigan. I'm using the same yarn in a color called dark natural. I have about 12 inches of the back knit with just one more inch to go before decreasing for the arm holes. I need to take a picture of it in progress and put it in Ravelry. The thing I've learned while knitting this sweater was to fix a mistake on a cable by dropping those stitches and re-knitting just those without taking out the whole rows. So far, so good. The yarn is knitting up very nicely.