Saturday, 26 April 2008

Frolicking with Knitters

This morning I headed into The Big City to attend the Downtown Knit Collective's 'Knitter's Frolic'. I didn't take any classes this year but did spend about 3 hours in the Knitter's Marketplace looking at many gorgeous types of yarn. I significantly added to my stash. This is what I bought:

Berroco NaturLin - 40% Linen/60% Rayon

Fleece Artist Sea Wool
70% wool/30% sea cell

Kroy Socks

Naturally Dawn 50% New Zealand Wool/ 50% Silk

100% Soybean Fibre yarn

I bought a simple shawl pattern and a 60" (150 cm) 5mm Addi Turbo circular needle for the button band on my Must Have Cardigan. I also bought an itty-bitty sock blocker key chain.

While there, I ran into several of my knitting buddies: Lisa, Martina, Margo, Jackie, Michelle and Cindy.

After arriving home and updating my Ravelry stash, Skip, Scooter and I headed to the cat show at the Whitby Curling Club. We saw many breeds including: Abyssinian, Himalayan, Maine Coon, and Bengal. There were even mixed breed housecats being shown.

Now to search for patterns for my lovely yarn...

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  1. Hi Geri, Remind me next year about the cat show. I don't think I read about it anywhere, but would love to see those breeds. They are beautiful.
    (as is your yarn)