Tuesday, 15 April 2008

[Knit, Rip] Repeat

Well this last sleeve of the Must Have Cardigan is taking a long time. It doesn't help that every time I pick it up to continue, I realize I've made a mistake and have to rip it back a few rows. I'll be glad to finish and I sure hope it'll fit in the armhole. I still need to finish the top of the back and the two fronts.

Yesterday I did our income tax returns and will submit them electronically tomorrow. I get a bit of a refund. Now that I'm retired, I can't contribute to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan so I guess I'll have to spend the money on ME! Woo Hoo! I also got my new health card yesterday.

Today Skip and I went birding at Lynde Shores and Halls Road adjacent to Lake Ontario with a friend of Fred's. We went out for lunch afterward - Thai food - yum. After lunch I got my new driver's license and vehicle sticker. I then bought myself a birthday present, a new finch feeder, 'shepherd's crook' to hang it on and 2kg of nyger seed. So far only a mourning dove has found the seed. I'm hoping the house finches find the seed at some point. If not, it is convertible to a regular sunflower seed or birdseed feeder.

Now that all these obligations are taken care of, Skip and I are going to the afternoon matinee of "We Will Rock You" tomorrow after we meet Lorna for lunch in The Big City.

I continue to knit the second sleeve....

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