Monday, 21 April 2008

Must Have Cardigan Update

I finished the tops of the back and fronts last night. As I suspected, the sleeves are not wide enough to fit in the armholes so I will be frogging them and re-knitting, increasing every 6 rows rather than every 8 as the pattern calls for. This will (should) widen them enough - I worked it out mathematically.

I'm getting really familiar with this pattern. I may do a square of it in the Great American Aran Afghan afghan I'm planning to do. I guess I could also do a square from the fisherman's aran sweater I knit for Skip last year. Oh yeah, and a square from a sweater I knit for Scooter when he was just a little guy.

It's weird but my brain is often planning knitting patterns, projects, undertakings, etc. I thought it was pretty strange at first, but the more I read about knitting, knitters and knitting designers, I realize this is perfectly normal. I also realize I'm really a process knitter more than a product knitter. Often once the interesting parts of the project are done, I'm ready to move on rather than finish it. And in the case of the Must Have Cardigan, as much as I would like to get it finished, I'm rather enjoying re-knitting parts of it after I've ripped it out. It seems to be getting easier.

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