Friday, 18 April 2008

Really Spring

The calendar has told us it's been spring for the past 3 weeks but the temperatures are finally confirming it. Here are some pics of our birding on Tuesday.

A blue jay on the ground.

I heard this downy woodpecker before I could see him. You can see how he's working up the tree. And man! Does he ever pound his beak into the bark!

This chickadee didn't seem to be afraid of us at all.

And here's Mr. Mallard.

Whilst riding the GO train into The Big City to see "We Will Rock You" on Wednesday, I cast on the first ribbed sock with the yarn I bought to match a top I had bought in Texas. I started the eye of partridge heel last night.

The second Must Have Cardigan sleeve is almost finished. I still need to finish the last few rows of the back and two fronts. I'm a bit nervous about getting the sleeve to fit in the armhole and am considering reknitting the sleeves increasing every 6 rows instead of the 8 that I did. I don't want the sleeve to be too tight. I'm going to block it first, though, because it might stretch laterally quite a bit.

And finally, we have a rabbit in the back yard. It likes to chew our emerging shoots down to the ground. I hate it. See how shifty its eye looks?

Death to the rabbit. Grrrr.

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