Monday, 19 May 2008

Always Learning

Scooter was with us this weekend. He and his dad went to see "Ironman" on Saturday and enjoyed it. Scooter's classes are over on June 6 and his exams are over on the 16th so he will be coming with us when we go to the LPGA event in Pittsford, NY.

Yesterday they went golfing although it was threatening rain. They were just finishing the last hole when the rain started so it worked out well for them. I shopped and got ready for our dinner last night for friends, Lorna and John. Skip barbequed chicken and I steamed green beans, made whipped potatoes and a salad. I had also made two-bite brownies which were served with frozen yogurt and cookies that Lorna brought. It was so cold we put on the fireplace.

This morning Skip and Scooter went golfing again in the bitter cold and wind. They were almost frozen when they got home. We went over to visit Grandma and Scooter played his recital pieces for her. After that, we had an early dinner at The Black Dog Pub and put Scooter on the GO train.

I've been working away on the Celtic Cable Socks and finally took a photo.

I also started a pair of black 3x1 ribbed socks with the yummy Lana Grossa Silk and Cashmere yarn. I had been borrowing Skip's black socks that I had knit him and thought I'd knit myself a pair - and they'd fit better.

I started blocking my Must Have Cardigan. I've been practicing with the finishing assignment Vickie gave me on Saturday. I now feel fairly confident that I'll be able to knit the button band without much problem. I'm only concerned about where I'll put the buttonholes. My goal is to get it all put together by the end of this week.

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