Friday, 2 May 2008

Being a Shut-In

I've been leveled by this cold which has now made its way into my respiratory system. I felt well enough to go to the Sit 'n Knit but decided against so as not to infect my knitting colleagues. I refuse to put the furnace on again so have been wearing a lot of woolly clothes. It was 60F in our bedroom last night so we did put the electric blanket back on the bed.

I haven't left the house in three days and haven't even felt like shopping. That's how I know I'm really sick - LOL. I have continued to work on the French Market Bag and also am finishing the second 'embossed leaves' sock in the lovely Arequipa yarn. I feel compelled to finish some UFOs before I get started on my new knitting projects.

I have also bought two cross-stitching patterns recently. One is "Baa Baa Black Sheep" from X's and Oh's. The other is a wee Lizzie Kate Boxer 'Summer' kit I ordered to complete the 4 seasons. I'll hang it in my front hall and rotate them all as each season dictates. I bought the Spring one while on vacation in San Antonio during March Break of 2006. Don't worry, I haven't really gone over to the (cross-stitching) dark side. Before I was a fanatical knitter, I was a fanatical cross-stitcher but will always be a loyal knitter (cross my ♥). I am looking forward to the Grand Opening of Hedgehog Stitchery on May 10 and the 2nd anniversary of Kniterary and the 1st anniversary of Martina's ownership of the business.

I am also all 'geeked up' for "The Sex and the City Movie" which will be coming out in North America on May 30. I read it's being released in London, England before that - what's up with that? I saw the cast on 'Oprah' today and it got me all excited. I even watched 'Oprah' twice (on the satellite from the Atlantic provinces and again from Toronto). Chris Noth (rhymes with 'both) really turns my crank. Lorna and I plan to go. I may even have a Cosmopolitan after (or during - tee hee)!

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