Friday, 16 May 2008

He Came 4th!!! Woo Hoo!!! (We're so proud)

Yesterday was Scooter's National Finals in the Great Canadian Geography Challenge. It was SO exciting - I was able to figure out how to monitor the scores. My sister and I were msn messaging back and forth. Some contestants worked more quickly (perhaps started a bit sooner?) so it was exciting seeing Scooter's name rise higher and higher on the scoreboard as he completed more rounds (there were 11) and accumulated more points. When it was all done, he had the 4th highest score tying with 3 other people - an amazing achievement, if I do say so myself. As only three people will be sent to the international competition next year, they didn't bother with a tie breaker for 4th place. The first place contestant also won the national competition last year. I'm wondering if Scooter can compete again next year. He'll still be under the maximum age allowed. We'll see.

When his dad spoke to him tonight Scooter said he had a Math test and a Geography test (which I think he missed and will have to make up) today. He also had a Phys. Ed. fitness test right before the geography competition. He came first in his class on the Phys. Ed. test. After school he had his tennis lesson. Scooter was pretty pooped this evening. We're really looking forward to seeing him tomorrow for the weekend.

This weekend is Victoria Day weekend - often referred to as 'May 2-4' weekend (a 2-4 is how some Canadians refer to a case of 24 bottles of beer). It's also called the '24th of May weekend' even though the holiday Monday only falls on May 24 every few years. Confused? It is also the biggest weekend in this part of the world for shopping at gardening centres.

We are entertaining friends for dinner on Sunday. Scooter and Skip will also golf that day as it will be the only non-rainy day according to the forecast. I think we'll take in a movie on Saturday. Long weekends aren't that big of a deal when one is retired. It just means that there are a lot more people around.

I started a new pair of socks today with some Regia yarn I found in my stash. It's a Celtic Cable pattern one of my knitting buddies gave me. I also bought some yummy Lana Grossa sock yarn with silk and cashmere in it to make myself a pair of black socks (colour 8) so I don't have to borrow the ones I knit Skip anymore. I also bought yarn for a pair of Christmas-y red socks (colour 5) with perhaps a snowflake design. It's nice and squishy yarn.

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