Saturday, 24 May 2008

Spring Has Sprung - Again - Finally!

It finally was warm enough today to not have to put on a jacket to go out. And this is what I saw.

Spurge (euphorbia polychroma) or 'cushion spurge'.

Lilacs in bloom.

A cheery little clump of violas.

And tulips in bloom.

We've had several visitors to the bird feeder - mostly a gluttonous mourning dove. A few goldfinches have partaken of the nyger seed and today I finally got a shot of a house finch.

He sings the most wonderful song. I hope he's telling all his finch friends that there's lots of food to go around.

I worked on the swatches for my 'cable without a needle' class which will be on June 4 at Kniterary from 7pm - 9pm. I also finished blocking the Must Have Cardigan and sewed up the shoulder seams. Now I'm picking up the stitches for the button band. Stay tuned...

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