Saturday, 14 June 2008

Knitting in Public

Last night the thunderstorm knocked out our power. Thank goodness there wasn't a power surge because I was online at the time. However, our Internet service did not come back when the power came back on. The DSL light on the router would not light. When we called the delightful people at Bell (Mumbai) this morning they wanted us to take the modem all over the house and plug it into every phone jack. I had to leave Skip on the phone with Mujibur or Sirajoul (or whatever his name was) so I could go and give blood. Poor Skip had no success either and gave up in defeat.

At the blood giving place, the nurse did not have trouble finding the vein but had a heck of a time getting the needle into it - OUCH! Once she got the needle in, a little blood flowed and then just trickled. I must not have been hydrated enough. So out came the needle and I went on my way after stuffing my purse with the free Oreos and Peek Freans (both riddled with trans fat) to take home to Skip and Scooter. I also took out my ribbed black sock to work on. After all, it was World Wide Knit in Public Day!

After lunch, I headed over to Kniterary to spend the afternoon Knitting in Public. Several of the regulars were there: Cindy, Margo, Kathryn, Marion, Vickie. I also met Emily who interestingly enough had also lived in Mexico for a couple of years as a kid. However, her experience in the 80s was not as wonderful as mine in the 60s. I worked on the fifth square of the GAAA designed by Carol Adams. I finished it this evening and decided to create one using a design from Gisela Klopper's "Beautiful Knitting Patterns" which I had checked out of the local library. It is one of the Aran Isle patterns with the X and O cable and the Celtic Braid. There are a couple of others in this book I want to use as I'm not planning to do all of the ones from the GAAA book.

Carol Adams square.

At about 11 this evening, Skip informed me that we had a DSL light on the modem light up. So we ran to our computers and resumed communication without the outside world. Success!!!! So I don't have to call India tomorrow after all. Phew!

I finished the Sunday Market Shawl and got the stitches dropped. It just needs to be blocked. It measured 17" x 33" before dropping stitches and 24" x 45" after dropping stitches. I hope to block it out to at least 60".

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