Thursday, 31 July 2008

#14 - done!

I finished sewing the i-cord sun rays onto the Suzanne Atkinson square this morning. This square is VERY cute.

I really liked doing the tree and the bobbles were done using a different technique than I had ever used before. After k,yo, k, yo, k for the bobble, you don't turn but slip the stitches from the right needle back to the left needle. Then you k5, and slip them back to the left needle. Then ssk, k1, k2tog, and slip them back to the left needle. Then k3 and skip stitch 2 and then 3 over the first. From what I've read some people really do not like doing bobbles but I think they're fun. Another modification I made was to do reverse stocking stitch on the triangular area of the top of the house front so it would look more like a house and not a church.

Now I'm ready to tackle the Ada Fenick square that has a tree, moss stitch clouds and a type of celtic cable up each side.

At the gym yesterday the trainer put me through my paces. I'm surprised I'm not sorer today. I know when I tell Nicole that tomorrow, she'll ramp up the weights again. I did deviate from the meal plan for dinner last night when Skip, Scooter and I met friends at our newest Mexican food restaurant in town, Los Cabos. The food was delicious and they had a lovely mango pico de gallo that they use as salad dressing. My beef enchilada was not the usual greasy (which I love, BTW) ground beef but it contained delicious, tender shredded beef. And the servings were not huge! So I don't feel TOO guilty. Before our dinner outing I made another huge batch of gazpacho and a bean salad which will be my 'salads' for my next few lunches and dinners.

I just found the link to clear 'croc'-type clogs. They'd be awesome with almost any hand knit sock.

Tonight is Knit Night at Kniterary. I'll probably take my reversible cable scarf again - it's an easy knit and I don't have to think while knitting it.

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