Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Beehive of Activity

I finished sewing up this little sweater today. I used new yarn at Kniterary - Naturally Magic Garden Classic Prints, shade 890.

It's preemie size. I have finished the hat and booties. I still need to get some buttons and sew the seams on the booties.

This morning I had this real burst of energy. I hung out a load of laundry to dry, I vacuumed the floors and rugs and then washed the floors. I also did some spot cleaning on one of the rugs. The new fridge is arriving tomorrow afternoon so I wanted to clean under the old fridge and took all the fridge magnets off it. I also washed the sliding door windows. I did some grocery shopping. I used $30 of PC Points and only had to pay $0.60!! Whoopee! Free groceries! I have over $600 in free groceries left.

I made gazpacho this evening and will be consuming vast quantities of it for lunch and possibly dinner for the next 3 days.

We're all set for our golfing holiday on the weekend. With my Choice Privileges points, we are able to stay both nights in a nice Comfort Inn with indoor heated pool, hot tub, deluxe continental breakfast and wireless Internet for free! Whoopee! The men will golf and I will shop. I haven't told them yet but I'm also going to golf 9 holes with them on Sunday. :-) Scooter will like that because he likes to beat my scores. He's an excellent golfer.

On the weekend, I had occasion to get in contact via the Internet with two gals I knew in high school. The first one, Liz, I haven't seen since 1970 when she moved to Beaconsfield, QC. She majored in music in university (as did I) but unlike me who majored in Music Education, she majored in Performance. She is a professional bassoonist with the Canadian Opera Company and at the Stratford Festival. Skip and I are going to see "The Music Man" in September and will get to see Liz then as she plays in the pit orchestra for that show. She and I were also friends with Cathy, a clarinet player, who now lives in London. I actually saw Cathy briefly at our high school reunion back in 2006 but didn't get her e-mail address. Sure enough, she was on Facebook and I was able to contact her there and put her in touch with Liz. Cathy and I were members of the Sarnia Citizen's Band and I remember bombing around in her Isuzu Bellet. I think we called it "The Weasel".

Cathy reminded me that I had taught her to crochet in high school and that I had learned to do it left-handed so I could teach her left-handed. I only have a vague memory of that. She is now an avid knitter. Liz also is a knitter. Isn't that freaky that the three of us music geeks are so crafty?

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