Thursday, 24 July 2008


I had my first personal training session yesterday with Nicole. She took my measurements, weighed me, and went over the meal program for the next 6 weeks. Then we had my first training session. It wasn't too strenuous and I had no major aches or pains this morning as a result. As the day wore on, my inner thighs were achy but that's about it. Session #2 is tomorrow.

I got all the major knitting done on the Star sweater from the cover Mission Falls' "Wee Knits too". I've blocked them and they're drying. It'll take a while. Hopefully they'll be dry by Saturday morning so I can get everything off Scooter's bed and can start assembling the sweater and knitting the neckband. I just started the hat a few minutes ago.

After supper I noticed our brand new fridge was not working properly and the thermometer read 60F degrees. I bumped up the cooling setting and waited a few minutes - no change. I unplugged it and plugged it in again hoping it would reset it - no change. After knitting tonight I checked again, no change. The freezer is working great, it's just the fridge that is on the fritz. I will be calling to arrange for a technician tomorrow morning. I sure hope (s)he can come tomorrow and fix the damned thing. @#$%^&*.

And to top things off, stupid old msn Messenger wasn't working this evening. @#$%^&*

Fortunately, I just tried to sign into Messenger and it worked. Yay.

After my training session tomorrow, I'm heading into The Big City to meet Nancy and Lorna. We're having a 'Girls' Night Out' and going to see the Mamma Mia! movie. I won't be able to have an alcoholic beverage but will be fine having a club soda.

I feel cranky right now so that is all for now. Tomorrow is another (hopefully better) day.

One more thing!!! Skip and I were surfing for funny bumper stickers and t-shirts and I came across this hilarious mug.

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