Friday, 25 July 2008

A Quick Fix

I got in touch with a fridge repairer this morning only to be told he couldn't come 'til Tuesday. I called the Maytag/Whirlpool/Amana people and they gave me another repairer's phone number. I called it and the guy at Prompt Home Appliance Service was able to come in 1/2 hr.! Yay! As soon as he looked in the freezer, he knew exactly what the problem was. He needed to order a new part which wouldn't be in 'til at least Tuesday. He did however, tell us how to fix things temporarily. Our freezer is not defrosting so a bunch of ice had built up preventing the cold air from chilling the fridge. He suggested we clear out the freezer and use the hair blower to melt the built-up ice. I followed his instructions and put the hair blower in the freezer on low and moved it a couple of inches over every couple of minutes. Within 15 min. all the ice had melted and the fridge was cooling again. Eureka!!! I love that man. I can't wait to see him to tell him how awesome he is.

After the hair blowing miracle, I headed to the gym so Nicole could kick my ass. We discussed my heart rate range for cardio and I explained that I had a hell of a time getting my heart rate high enough on the treadmill. She said it sounds like my heart is already 'good' and suggested I try the cross-trainer to see if that would get my heart rate up. It worked! So I happily did about 8 min. on the cross-trainer and then quickly hopped on the treadmill and did the rest of my cardio workout.

I whipped home and had lunch, cleaned up and caught the GO train into The Big City. My first destination was the Purple Purl - a knit café on Queen St. E. I spent some time looking at the yarn and saw a couple of things I could have bought but didn't have any projects in mind for them so didn't bother. I looked at their nice selection of books, including a couple of Elizabeth Zimmerman ones I'd heard about but had never seen. There really wasn't anything "to die for" so I didn't buy anything and headed back to the Eatons Centre to meet Lorna and Nancy for our Girls' Night Out taking in the Mamma Mia! movie.

The movie was fun. Meryl Streep is a professionally trained singer but Pierce Brosnan sure isn't. Surely there's one hunky mature actor in Hollywood who can sing? Anyway we had a lot of fun and didn't seem to have bothered anyone with our singing. After that we went to a very cool restaurant call Spring Rolls on Dundas just west of Yonge and had a delicious Thai meal. They even have dim sum on the menu. Skip and I will definitely need to go there sometime when I'm not on a strict eating plan. There are several locations in the GTA. Yum!

Scooter returns to us tomorrow afternoon. He and Skip plan to do a lot of golfing next week, weather permitting. While on our trip last week, I got a shot of Scooter in a shirt we bought him while we were in Texas.
I'm going to ask his permission to put it in one of my Facebook photo albums.

Only 16 personal training sessions to go!

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