Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Standing on Guard for Thee

Yesterday was the 141st anniversary of the confederation of Canada.

Now that Scooter is older, we don't go to town-sponsored events where he can play on jumping castles or get his face painted. Instead, he and his father worked in the yard trimming trees and chopping up the branches for kindling next winter. I went on a glorious 70 minute - 5.6km walk along the Waterfront Trail. I wished I'd had my camera with me as there were lots of goldfinches and tree swallows on display. The wild flowers were all in bloom and everything looked lush. There were people and dogs everywhere. Kids cavorted in the splashdown park, families bicycled along the trail, folks sat on the beach by the harbour, sailboats tacked back and forth on the water. The sky was cloudless and brilliant blue. What a fantastic day!

I finished knitting this square I designed. I'm not as pleased with the look of it as I was with the 'Knitting with Cables and Bobbles, oh my!' square but #12 is finished none the less.

We went for Mexican food at our local restaurant with horrible service and after returning home, I watched Douglas Coupland's (the author of the best-seller 'Generation X') "Souvenir of Canada" an artful documentary of how he attempted to capture all that is Canadian. He collected Canadian icons such as fish net floats (which he made into floor lamps), Kraft dinner cases, Ookpiks, a poster from Rush, a centennial (1967) maple leaf quilt, butter tarts, Cowichan Bay knitting, etc. etc. He then acquired a 1970s house in Vancouver on Grenville St. and spraypainted the entire interior white - including the windows, stove, sink, bathroom fixtures, etc. as he wanted a blank palette for his work. He then assembled his collection and invited about 400 people to view it. He dedicated 'Generation X' to his father who was one of the most Canadian people he knew so throughout the documentary he interviewed his parents about various aspects of his upbringing and the activities they pursued as a family and adventures his dad had flying his own plane to various locales. All in all, it was very enjoyable and I hope to make watching it an annual tradition, thanks the my local public library.

After dark, Skip and I went over to the park to see the pyrotechnical festivities. 'O! Canada' was sung on our way over (a 2 min. walk) but we arrived in time for the wonderful fireworks display and had the best vantage point from the hill. The fireworks lasted about 20 min. and are among the best I've seen any where.

While knitting square #13, I enjoyed the Yarn Harlot's Canada Day posting. She really captures the essence of what life is like here in C-A-N-A-D-A.

I leave you with a photo of the shirt I wore today (from the Athens Olympics) on a the first quilt I made (which now is on Scooter's bed) from the January 1993 Canadian Living magazine.

Caaaaa-Naaaa-Daaaaaa, We love you!


  1. sorry - made the comment on yesterday's in stead of today's blog, I am still giggling at working in the yarn - initially thought you had convinced Skip and Scooter to start knitting - rotfl - vi

  2. Good post, and then I popped over and enjoyed The Yarn Harlot's post. One question: can I be a Canadian, too?

  3. LOL @ your comment about the Mexican restaurant! Which one was it?

    Sounds like you had a great Canada Day!