Friday, 29 August 2008

Back from a Blog Holiday

I've been a lazy blogger lately. I haven't taken any pictures either. But I have some updates.

The replacement refrigerator was delivered last Thursday (Aug. 21). I was informed it needed to stand for 2 hours before I turned it on to allow the freeon to settle after it had been tipped onto its back to get the skid off the bottom. This sent me into a bit of a panic and I sent Scooter downstairs to the little bar fridge with a few loads of real perishables - dairy, meat, etc. I've been monitoring the temperature since turning it on and it seems to be working OK - now increase in temperature due to freeze up. YAY!

I continue to knit the Angel Lace Shawl with the Dye-Version 100% soybean yarn. I'm about half done, I think, but each right side row grows 4 stitches so each subsequent row is taking longer. I purchased some nice sparkly beads for the tips so will knit them on by putting them on the stitch with a crochet hook. Knitting with beads is new for me and I'm looking forward to doing it. One of my knitting gurus, Vickie, finished her "Print o' the Waves" shawl last week that she'd been working on since January. I got to see it in its 'blob' state and then on Thursday night after it had been blocked. It is lovely.

Today I cast on the Fern and Waves scarf from Arlene's World of Lace using some burgundy-coloured Garnstudio Drops Alpaca yarn I had in my stash. It is a free Ravelry download. It's coming along quite nicely.

Suzanne, a former colleague, and I are going to the Sing-Along Mamma Mia! movie on Monday evening. The closest it's playing is at Kennedy Common at Kennedy Rd. and the 401 so we'll venture into the traffic of all the happy vacationers returning to Toronto and grab a bite to eat before the show. If anyone else wants to come, let me know. We can meet there and all sing and dance together!

I also have learned that the Broadway show "Rent" was filmed and will be shown at selected Odeon Cineplex theatres on Sept 24, 25 and 27. If anyone wants to go to the Sept. 24 showing at 7pm, let me know. I'll be getting tickets soon as these special engagements sell out quickly.

Skip and I are heading to Stratford on Wednesday of next week to see "The Music Man" and visit with my high school chum, Elizabeth Brickenden Gowan, who plays bassoon in the pit orchestra as well as for the Canadian Opera Company. On Sept. 17, after my return from PEI, Skip and I have tickets for "Jersey Boys" and on the 21st, Scooter, Skip and I will be going to "Spamalot". I also procured tickets for "The Sound of Music" for January 7, 2009. It was the earliest I could get us tickets (in our price range) on a Wednesday matinee. I suspect there will be a zillion school kids there as well.

I'll take some pics tomorrow.

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