Friday, 15 August 2008

Down Six Pounds

I had my weigh-in and measurements taken today before my training session. I'm down 6 pounds and 10 inches in three weeks of the six-week program. Before you get all excited about the inches I've lost, the measurements included both calves, both thighs and both upper arms as well as the usual bust, waist and hips. I knew I had lost a few inches because of the way my clothes have been fitting. My percentages were skewed because I seemed to be dehydrated. Huh? That was news to me. I drink tons of water. Oh well, I'll get weighed again on Tuesday when I go for my next session and we'll see if the percentages are better. Ideally, I've lost lots of fat and have gained some lean muscle mass.

Tomorrow I give blood - hopefully. Last time I went to give blood I was dehydrated (what's up with that?) and they couldn't get enough out of me. So tonight I'm going to drink lots of water and will drink about a litre of water before I go tomorrow.

I'm knitting a garter stitch baby kimono - a freebie Bernat pattern that was in my Stitch n' Pitch goodie bag last week. I'm using Bernat Baby Jacquard yarn - DK weight in the same colourway as the photo on the pattern. Altho' I usually don't like knitting with acrylic yarn, this one is a blend of nylon and acrylic and feels really nice. The mother of the recipient will appreciate the washability of the sweater. I'll also knit a little hat with the rest of the 2nd ball of yarn.

I very much enjoyed watching the individual gymnastics competition last night. Nastia Liukin sure demonstrated her ballet training. Well done. Tonight is the night Michael Phelps can create history. I'll be glued to the TV 'til 1am.

And Canada continues to break all kinds of records but wins no medals - sigh.

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