Saturday, 16 August 2008

Finally! Some Medals.

I awoke this morning and heard the news that Canadians had finally won 3 medals. Freestyle wrestler Carol Huynh won a gold medal women's 48-kilogram final. Woo hoo!!!! Rowers Dave Calder and Scott Frandsen won a silver medal in the men's pair and another freestyle wrestler Tonya Verbeek claimed bronze in the 55-kilogram event. Halleluja! Way to go! I hope there are at least 9 more medals won to tie our record from the previous Olympic games in Athens.

I was successful giving blood today. I was pleased to note that my blood pressure had even improved from the last time to 126/70. I guess the working out and the cardio really does pay off. I'm hoping to stay off heart and blood pressure medication as long as possible. As I had taken my own 100 cal granola bar, I brought home the cookies for the cookie eater(s) that reside here.

Skip's niece, Michelle, who is also Ollie's caregiver when we go away for extended periods is coming for dinner today with her daughter, Amber and nephew, Riley. We had planned to cook chicken breasts for everyone but Michelle insisted that the kids would love KD (Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner). We feel weird about giving the kids KD but remembering what Scooter was like as an eater at that age confirms that they will LOVE it. Skip is getting a couple of hot dogs from the butcher and we'll all have fresh corn on the cob as well.

One task I hope to complete today is to arrive at some semblance of order in my office/spare room/craft room. I know where to find everything but it just looks so messy! Eek!

Sometime today I'll also hem the 4 pairs of slacks I bought for my MIL and will sew together the garter stitch kimono sweater for Sophia, Carrie's baby. I'm going to visit them next week. Before Sophia was born I knit a mitered square blanket for her and also found an adorable pair of ballet slippers for her. Carrie sent me a very cute photo last week of Sophia sporting her ballet slippers which she has finally grown into.

(click on photo for a closeup look at Sophia's pudgy little feet)

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