Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Photo Update

I took lots of photos yesterday but am just getting them off my camera now. We had Delta hatch yesterday. Its chrysalis was very small but when she emerged (yes, another girl) she was big once her wings had unfurled.

She stayed on the stick which protruded from the jar for a couple of hours. She flew over to the neighbour's pool and landed on the edge - slipped over and I'm hoping she didn't drown. I was lucky to get this one picture of her open wings.

Once the butterflies exit the chrysalis, I have noticed orange-tinged droplets beneath them. I'm guessing that it's something that rolls off the orange patches on the wings but I'm not exactly sure what it actually is.

And in the 'nursery' - a medium sized mayonnaise jar - the babies are growing. Here are Zeta, Eta and Theta. Who knew learning the Greek alphabet as a sorority pledge would come in so handy? You can see the difference in sizes.

They have grown half as much again since I took this photo yesterday. I think Zeta is getting ready to pupate. Before they pupate, they shed their exoskeleton for the last time as larvae.

The black thing is Epsilon's shriveled up exoskeleton. We expect Epsilon to emerge today or tomorrow.

I think all this excitement was too much for Ollie.

Finally, Nicole, my personal trainer, weighed me today. We were both pleased with the 4.4 lb. weight loss. I have about 16 to go to reach my first goal which is my Weight Watcher's target weight.

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