Monday, 4 August 2008

Trailing Leaves

I'm quite pleased with the latest square which I designed. The trailing leaves up the middle were surprisingly easy to execute. On the bottom left I went the wrong way with the second leaf so I just copied the 'design feature' on the top right.

Another butterfly emerged from a chrysalis today. I call it Gamma. I'm not sure if it's a male or female yet. It takes a few hours before it's really ready to fly. We have two more viable chrysalises and another caterpillar that has hatched. We're now equal to last year's yield with Gamma's appearance.

Today is a statutory holiday which is generally called the 'Civic Holiday'. This was a made-up holiday a few years back so workers could have a long weekend on the first Monday of August. In Toronto, it is called Simcoe Day so it could be tied to the founding of Toronto and is called other things in other jurisdictions. However the province of Ontario has not officially recognized it as a holiday so provincial workers do not necessarily have the day off (liquor stores, beer stores) but federal employees do.

As a retiree, long weekends don't really have much of an impact on my life or even weekends for that matter. There are fewer people shopping on long weekends and lots more people shopping on regular weekends with the accompanying increase in traffic - which is a real consideration here in the Greater Toronto Area.

We are taking it easy today and just puttering around the house. Tomorrow evening we're attending Stitch 'n Pitch at the Rogers Centre. The Toronto Star reports there will be about 1,000 stitchers at the park tomorrow including 11 of us Kniterarians. We attended last year and found the experience to be great fun. I think I'll take the black ribbed cashmere/merino socks I've been trying to finish all summer.

On the weight loss front, my morning weigh-in showed me numbers I haven't seen in quite a while. I may have lost between 4 - 6 lb.! I'll be officially weighed on Wednesday so we'll see if my estimations are correct. I still miss my Stacy's Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips (sniff!). They're actually quite a healthy choice, snack-wise, but they are to be avoided until I've reached my weight-loss goal which is about 16 lb. from my weigh-in this morning.

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