Friday, 22 August 2008

Two More Medals! And One's a Gold!

(written late Thursday night)

I was on the elliptical trainer at the gym this morning after having my arse kicked by my trainer and was able to watch the end of the equestrian jumping. It was SO exciting when Eric Lamaze and Beezie Madden of the US had a jump-off to break their tie. Beezie had a fantastic round but got 4 penalty points on the last jump. Eric's round was flawless. I yelled " YESSSS" and scared the crap out of the woman on the adjacent piece of equipment. I got all choked up when 'O! Canada' was played but I didn't blubber while huffing, puffing and sweating. Congratulations also to Emilie Heymans for winning her silver medal in 10m platform diving.

Yesterday I had a lovely visit with Carrie and Sophia. Sophia is about 6.6 months old and adorable (and photogenic).

She likes to pose for the camera.

I didn't get the hat done but will mail it when I'm finished along with the petal bib I forgot to take. Carrie liked the garter stitch kimono.

While there, I got a photo of the Hebrew wedding sampler I had stitched for John and Carrie's wedding gift. I had forgotten to take a picture of it before I gave it to them.

It's not the clearest but you get the general idea.

I had quite a time trying to find someone who could sell me the pattern, to no avail. So, I found a good picture of it online and printed the picture onto grid paper which I then used as the pattern. My apologies to the original designer - I really tried to buy the pattern!

The Hebrew script is from Solomon's Song of Songs, Chapter 2, verse 16, the most passionate declaration of love in the Bible, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine". I really liked how the verse seems to hang like a mobile from the Mogen David (Star of David) and I liked the stitched ribbons that hung down on each side. The blue colour comes from the Israeli flag. I dithered about whether to stitch their wedding date using the Hebrew calendar - 26th of Elul, 5764 - I didn't realize there were Hebrew calendar converters online back in 2004. Instead, I defaulted to the Gregorian calendar date.

I only have two more rows to complete on graph for the red swallowtail blob-which-will-someday-be-a-shawl. Then I do the points. I don't think I'll be able to block it 'til Scooter goes back to his mom's and I can use his bed.

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  1. I feel honoured we made the blog. I will send a picture when Sophia is wearing the sweater. Have fun at all of your theatre events.