Monday, 11 August 2008

Virtual Banking or How I Got Free Groceries

I haven't set foot in a bank for several years. I do all my banking on the computer. My bank is a virtual bank. There is no building, lineups or tellers to chat with. There are no monthly fees, no transaction fees (unless I use another bank's ATMs), cheques are free and the interest rates on the savings accounts are very competitive. My virtual bank has an agreement with a major Canadian bank to use their ATMs which are located all across Canada. A major grocery chain also has kiosks for my bank (and bank machines) near their entrances. It's very convenient and I love not having to pay monthly fees, etc. Another benefit is that I accumulate points for every debit card transaction and every MasterCard transaction. I can redeem the points for anything at the major grocery store chain.

This summer I decided we were going to 'eat free' as much as possible on my PCpoints. I had over $800 worth saved up at the beginning of the summer. We have a wonderful neighbourhood grocery store that has great meat and produce departments and they're even open on holidays. However, this summer, I've been doing major shopping trips at Loblaws where I can use my PCpoints. Today, I got $41.23 in groceries for $1.23 (after the first $20, you spend PCpoints in $10 increments. Even the check out girl was impressed with how many I had left (almost $700 worth).

I finished the square inspired by Alice Starmore's Inishmaan sweater.

I only have 3 more squares to go. The next square will be based on a pattern from my new book, "A Fine Fleece".

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