Monday, 18 August 2008

We're Up To 9 Medals

I've been enjoying flipping among several CBC French TV channels, CBC English channel from Toronto and NBC. I particularly have enjoyed watching the morning Olympic events shown live between 10pm and 1am Eastern time.

Watching Michael Phelps' relay team help him to his 8th gold medal was thrilling. Our Canadian equestrian team did a fine job today getting their silver medal. Karen Cockburn also did us proud earning her silver medal on the trampoline.

Today was Ollie's annual check-up at the veterinarian. He has gained a little bit of weight (.4 lb) but is otherwise healthy. His doctor suspects he might have allergies because of his puffy, watery eyes at times and the tendency to lick and chew the fur off his forearms and tummy. I have been instructed to give him 10mg of Benadryl (by cutting the 25mg pills) as he needs it. He and I both suffered with allergies in the late spring.

I'll get weighed again tomorrow and will see if the numbers look better. I've been taking the protein shakes after my workouts in hopes that it'll help build my lean muscle mass.

Wednesday, I'll visit Carrie and Sophia in Toronto. I have googled a few yarn shops a couple of which I hope to hit before our visit.

I've been knitting the swallowtail shawl with the Dawn red silk/wool blend yarn I bought at the Knitter's Frolic last April. I've made a few mistakes but I don't think they'll detract from the overall look of it. We'll see once I've finished it and have blocked it. If it doesn't look good, I'll frog it and re-knit it. Hey, it's all knitting, right?

The three chrysalises are still literally 'hanging in there'. I suspect they'll hatch next week.

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