Thursday, 11 September 2008

Green Gables Day

This morning we toured Green Gables. It is in a lovely setting with lots of flower beds and heritage plants. Then we went over to the homestead where Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote her first four books. All that is left on the site is the stone foundation of the house and the big apple tree that was her inspiration. After Lucy's mother died, her father brought her to this site to be cared for by her mother's brother and his wife. The woman who gave her little talk today is the wife of the great-grandson of the man who cared for Lucy. She told us lots of interesting information about how "Anne of Green Gables' was inspired and published. For example, there were 5 rejections from publishers until 1908 when it was finally published.

After that we drove to North Rustico to have lunch and explore a couple of knitting and yarn shops. At the Rustico Bay Wool and Sweater Co., I bought a hank of Briggs and Little sock yarn and a ceramic sheep. Down the road at the North Shore Island Traditions Past and Present Rug Shop, I bought a hank of Fleece Artist seacell yarn and 3 pairs of wooden knitting needles including two pairs of swing needles.

We then drove around the Blue Heron Route before ending up at Summerside. We visited the Piping College (that's bagpiping) and then headed to Charlottetown to walk around a bit. I bought a pair of wooden knitting needles and a very unique shawl pin. Then we had dinner at a jazz bar and took in the 7:30pm presentation of "Anne of Green Gables - the Musical". It was delightful.

We drove the 45km back to Cavendish through the middle of the island guided by the trusty GPS.

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