Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I ♥ Lace

Yesterday, Suzanne, Lena and I went to the Sing-Along Mamma Mia! movie. We allowed lots of time for bad Labour Day traffic and arrived in lots of time to grab a bite to eat at Mr. Greek at Kennedy Common. When we got into the theatre, there were only about 20 people in the whole place. We didn't care, we belted out the songs following the subtitled lyrics karaoke-style. It was lots o' fun and I think both Suzanne and Lena enjoyed the diversion on the eve of a new school year.

This morning I awoke to a glorious, warm, sunny day. Skip headed off for his golf game and I headed to the gym. I only have one more personal training session and then I'll be on my own. My goal for next week while I'm on vacation in NB, NS and PEI is to not gain any weight. If I don't lose any, I can live with that but I sure don't want to gain any of it back. Francey's on Weight Watchers so the two of us will probably drive Lorna crazy with our specific dietary requirements.

This evening before I headed to Stitchin' Time at Hedgehog Stitchery, I finished the penultimate row on the Angel Lace Shawl. It was the row with beads so I used the crochet hook method to attach them. Someone of Ravelry directed me to this Knitty article on beading.

I hope to cast off the shawl after I post this.

I bought a skein of leafy green Malabrigo Lace at Kniterary. Now I'm looking for a lace scarf pattern to take to PEI with me.

I'm intrigued by the drama called the Republican National Convention. There has been one bizarre report after another: split-screen speeches with Hurricane Gustav; Sarah Palin's 17 year-old daughter's (Bristol's) pregnancy; announcement that the teenager will keep the baby and marry the baby's father; speculation that Sarah's 5-month-old (Trig) who has Down Syndrome may actually be her grandson (?); Joe Liebermann's crabby speech that is sure to piss off lots of undecided Democrats; tear gassing demonstrators - and this is only day 2! Sheesh! If McCain gets elected, I will just shake my head and wonder what the hell those people are thinking.

Tomorrow we head to Stratford to see "The Music Man" and have a visit with my high-school friend, Liz Brickenden Gowen, who plays bassoon in the pit orchestra as well as her regular gig with the Canadian Opera Company. I haven't seen Liz since 1970 but have heard of her through the years as she pursued music performance studies at U of T a year after I began my music education studies at Western (the centre of all learning in the universe).

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