Thursday, 4 September 2008

"No Problem is So Big That You Can't Throw Money At It"

Since March of 2007, when Skip, Scooter and I went on a Caribbean cruise, I have been gaining weight at an alarming rate. The food on the cruise was delicious and plentiful. That June, during Fiesta, the ethnic festival in Oshawa, Skip and I attempted to span the globe gastronomically. At the end of that month, I was feted several times in celebration of my retirement. Then the summer holidays began and we took several car trips, eating at wonderful restaurants all along the way. Every month after that, I was on some trip or other. And the weight crept up and up. I was much less physically active, now that I wasn't working, and I sat on my butt a lot whilst knitting. Being hormonally challenged at this 'time of my life' my metabolism had slowed tremendously.

In early June, I began a walking program - walking between 30 - 40 min. per day at a fairly vigorous rate. I enjoyed it as I took the opportunity to listen to books and podcasts on my iPod. It improved my level of fitness. But after three weeks, I hadn't lost a pound.

In late June, I realized that everything I was wearing had gotten smaller. And then I saw a picture someone had taken of me. Oh. My. Goodness.

I realized I needed help.

So I went to my gym and signed up for a 6 week fat loss program ($$$$$) with guaranteed results - lose 9 - 12 pounds of fat OR trim 6 - 11 inches in total. The program consisted of half hour sessions three times a week with a trainer using the weight machines. There was also an excellent eating program (I don't like to call it a diet) incorporating high protein and fibre and low-ish fat and whole wheat carbs. Another feature was a list of acceptable meals which could be obtained at various fast food places. After each training session I was required to do 20 min. of cardio. My machine of choice was the elliptical trainer as I and 'the girls' don't like to run.

So here I am, at the end of my six week program. I have lost 8.2 lb. of fat and gained 1.4 lb. of lean muscle mass. I have lost 9 3/4 inches off my bust, waist and hips and 23.75" including all the other spots they measured. I have doubled my strength on most of the machines. And my clothes are looser. I am on my way. I am in control. I intend to continue to eat according to this program as my next goal is to lose 15 more pounds.

Stay tuned.

I blocked the Angel Lace Shawl today and took it to our Sit 'n Knit tonight where it made a big hit.

Click on the photo to get a closeup of the beads at each point.

I also started the Norwegian Woods scarf using the olive coloured Malabrigo Lace yarn.

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