Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Brush with Fame

I got a Ravelry message the other day asking if a photo of one of my projects could be featured on the pattern's page. I checked the pattern today and my picture was there! I'm kinda famous I guess.

On a more sombre note, I made a quick trip to Sarnia for Floyd's visitation and funeral. Valerie cashed in her VIA Rail ticket for her trip home on Monday and drove with me on Tuesday. We went over to Port Huron, MI to exchange a defective Mad Men DVD set (it had 2 disk 2s and no disc 1). Of course, we had to drop in at Mary Maxim as I needed to replace the 3.75mm bamboo needles my @#$%^&* cat chewed the other night. Wouldn't you know I found some yarn in their discount area?

At the visitation last night, I visited with a few former colleagues and saw more of them this morning at the funeral and the luncheon afterward. We are all still reeling with the news of Floyd's death - it is so hard to believe he is gone. His adult kids Mark and Mai-Ling now have a lot of work ahead of them getting the house ready for sale and clearing it out while at the same time dealing with their grief from the loss of both their parents in six months. Neither of them live nearby nor do any of Floyd's siblings. I know how hard it is from when I had to do it back in 1993 after my mom's death. I do believe a lot of their friends who live locally will help them out. I know there's a saying that we are never given more to deal with than we can take but ALRIGHT ALREADY! Ya basta!

I'm happy to be home where it is safe, warm and full of love. I know that in a split-second, that can all change and someday will. But until then, I savour every day - grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passions and spend time with my loved ones.

Floyd, we sure miss you.

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