Sunday, 26 October 2008

Catching Up

My blog has been photo-less lately so I thought I'd get caught up. I finally finished casting off the Palindrome Scarf that I'd finished knitting ages ago. My dilemma was finding the instructions to do a sewn 2 x 2 rib bind off. While searching the Internet, a book was recommended - "Knitting Tips and Trade Secrets" which I found in our local public library. I have it all packaged and ready to send to the Orphan Foundation of America for their Red Scarf Project. Parent-less college students will receive care packages for Valentine's Day with reversible, unisex, red scarves and notes of encouragement.

I'm moving along well with the Norwegian Woods shawl, although I did spend a considerable amount of time 'tinking' back a couple of rows after discovering a mistake. I'm living dangerously by not using life lines.

Today Skip and Scooter carved their jack o' lanterns. Here is the tool of preference.

And some action shots.

And the finished products.

The one I carved is on the left - my trademark Hallowe'en kitty.

Once I get the pink Shetland Shawl blocked, I'll post before and after photos.

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