Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Shetland Triangle

I got the Shetland Triangle blocked today. I forgot to take a before picture. Basically it looked like a blob. If you click on a closer up image, you might be able to see the seed beads along the swallowtail edge and down the points. I used the crochet hook method to affix the beads along the points and strung the beads on the yarn with a dental floss threader. I broke the yarn to do that and tried to 'spit join' it but it wouldn't work so I used the 'Russian join' method. I used a bead on every other stitch along swallowtail edge. The blocked size is 58" x 25" - a nice size for a large-ish shoulder scarf.

I'm also trying to felt the 'Ogre Socks' down to a wearable size for me to wear as slippers around the house. I've run them through the washing machine, used a toilet plunger in a bucket with alternating hot and cold water with baking soda and have now thrown them in the dryer. After all that, they're about half felted. And I've had quite a workout.

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