Sunday, 19 October 2008

Shock and Sadness

Back in early April, I attended the funeral of Angie Gibson. Years ago I taught at the same school as her husband, Floyd, and their son, Mark, played trumpet in my band. Their daughter, Mai-Ling, is one of my Facebook friends. Angie had been unwell off and on since I met her in the mid 80s. The last years before she died, she battled cancer. The day of Angie's funeral, it was very busy at the church and I never did get a chance to chat with Floyd. However, when I was in the area a couple of months later, Floyd invited me over and cooked me a delicious salmon dinner. When I got to his place, I saw an abstract painting above his kitchen table which I had admired for over a year. Floyd had an art show the year before and this painting was in it.

At the time, I had really wanted it but then completely forgot about it until seeing it again during our visit. I was thrilled when Floyd sold it to me that night and I hung it in my family room as soon as I got it home. It matches the decor perfectly. I look at it every day.

During our visit, I got a great shot of Floyd and his recently adopted kitty, Bede.

Tonight, I got news that Floyd died on Friday. He was found in his house and it appeared that he had died a couple of days before.

I am so sad for his son, Mark, and daughter, Mai-Ling and their families. They have had a very challenging year thus far. I will see them when I attend the funeral this week and I will tell them what a good friend their dad was to me and how I will always treasure his beautiful painting.

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