Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Monday morning we left for a wee car trip to Western New York state. That afternoon we arrived in the greater Buffalo area (Williamsville) after stopping at a couple of discount golf stores. We stayed at one of our favourite budget motels. It was our 9th night staying with that chain so the next time we stay at a Microtel, it will be a free night.

Tuesday, we headed southward to Bradford, PA to visit the Zippo museum and store.

It was a very interesting museum. Skip noted it was the first time he'd seen real letters penned by Dwight D. Eisenhower, Omar Bradley and General Douglas McArthur. They had received complimentary Zippo (windproof) lighters during WWII and wrote rave reviews in their letters. I bought myself a mini multi-purpose lighter (MPL). We bought a regular sized MPL a few years back and it stopped working properly a year or so ago. I remembered their guarantee that if their product stops working, they'll fix it so I called the nice people at Zippo in Niagara Falls, ON and they told me to just mail it to them and they'd replace it. Sure enough, within a week, we got a brand new one in the mail. It stays in the kitchen and now I have my my mini, it will stay upstairs.

Yesterday, we stopped for lunch at Hamburg, NY and visited a delightful yarn shop, Embraceable Ewe. I bought a hank of handpainted superwash sock yarn.

It is 65% superwash wool, 25% nylon and 10% donegal (whatever that is).

It is nice and soft and squishy and will make a nice pair of socks.

When we got to Williamsville we did some more shopping and had a healthy and delicious grilled fish (Skip had tilapia and I had salmon) dinner at Chili's - our first time eating there.

We got home today at about 3pm today. I went to Knit Night and misplaced my keys. I looked everywhere. It wasn't until after I got home that I remembered that I had worn my coat there (but had not worn it home) and my coat and the keys were still hanging up. Duh. I'm relieved my keys aren't really lost.

Now that I've located my keys, I need to find what I did with my Palm charger and my camera battery charger - d'oh!

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