Thursday, 27 November 2008

Shuffling Off

Anne Marie and I drove to Niagara Falls and Buffalo on Monday for a wee shopping trip. It was a nice trip to look forward to and nice to get away. There were sales everywhere! We discovered a women's clothing store that has recently opened at the Prime Outlets called Chico's. Very nice!! I dropped quite a bit of cash in there. buying some new clothes that fit my slowly shrinking body. Other purchases were: some Christmas gifts, a pair of shoes, 6 balls of yarn, some hardanger supplies, some 'underclothes', a nifty bathroom scale that not only give the weight but the body fat weight and percentage, the percentage of water and the bone mass.

I finished casting off the Cable Ribbed Gaiter in the van on the way home and I'm quite pleased with it.

Then last night I started another striped, ribbed scarf made from the poor person's Silk Garden, Plymouth Yarns Boku. As per the instructions on Brooklyn Tweed's website, I purchased two very different variegated colourways.

I'm liking the look so far. At one point the two yarns were getting too close in colour so I broke the yarn on one of them and joined (spit join) at a more contrasting place.

So I was happily knitting away last night watching 'Private Practice' and I finally realized - Holy Crap! Next week is the beginning of December. I have a bunch of stuff to do to get ready for Skip's birthday party on the 13th. Eek! So this morning I got up and got moving and started painting the bathroom. I primed the spots that I had patched and got the ceiling painted in no time and took the cover off the ceiling fan and vacuumed the dust out of it. I also properly aligned the fan box into the ceiling so the cover could be re-installed properly after painting it. I then began painting the walls and within about an hour, had the first coat done. Working in such tight quarters (3' x 5') is challenging and I only tipped over the paint tray once by stepping on it whilst stepping down from the ladder. After a quick wipe up, I was back to work.

Skip goes on an NCAA basketball road trip tomorrow to Syracuse where he and his companions will see them play the Virginia Cavaliers at 7pm. After spending the night they'll head to Buffalo and watch Canisius College play the St. Bonaventure at 7pm and then drive home. Skip will be pretty pooped - I hope he can sleep in the van.

Tonight I'm Sitting 'n Knitting at Kniterary but in the meantime, I'm waiting for paint to dry and am starting to compile shopping lists for food items for Skip's party that I can make ahead of time and freeze.

Today is also US Thanksgiving so I wish all my American friends a happy holiday and hope they are enjoying quality time with their loved ones.

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  1. Nice colors & patterns too!! Too have got free knit patterns through Joann Fabrics.