Thursday, 11 December 2008

Crisis Averted

Our cat, Ollie, is a people's cat.
He isn't aloof like a lot of cats. Unless he's having his 4-hour midday nap, he likes to be in the same room as either Skip or me. When we go away for a couple of days, a neighbour comes in and feeds him. But if we're away a week or more, he really needs to go to a place where he can be with people. Last year when Skip and I spent a month in Texas, Ollie stayed with Skip's niece, Michelle and her two kids, Amber and Elliott. Unfortunately this year her living situation has changed and she can't look after him.

This sent me into a total panic today when one of my friends who thought she could take him told me she couldn't after all. I certainly understand that looking after someone else's cat for 70 days is a big committment, but it looked like the alternative was a kennel where he would be exposed to lots of kitties (and their diseases), not to mention the small fortune it would have cost.

So this afternoon I panicked and started e-mailing people and sending my 'friends' Facebook messages in hopes someone would be able to help me out. My friend, Francey, in Georgia even offered to look after him if we dropped him off at her place on our way to Texas.

Finally at about 6pm, Lee-Ann, one of the secretaries who used to work at my former school sent me a cheery Facebook message: I would love to...I'm all over it....let me know...But I of course will...I love kitty's.

Man, was I ever relieved. The weight of the world suddenly lifted off my shoulders. Since then, two other wonderful people have offered to help me out so I will certainly keep them in mind for future trips.

Last night I blocked Elaine's shawl. It took up the entire queen sized bed in Scooter's room.

Of course, I forgot to take it to her this evening at our Sit 'n Knit so will drop it off tomorrow morning after Skip and I go out for breakfast and go to the library. I love blocking lace. I think she's going to really like how it turned out. That's also the first quilt I ever made- the 'Forever Green Quilt' from the January 1993 Canadian Living magazine. I haven't made too many since then but I'd like to make another one of these.

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