Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Just When I Thought I'd Heard Everything

I went into The Big City today (Tues., Dec. 23) to meet Lorna and Nancy for lunch and then head to the Danforth to a lingerie shop where I had ordered some new 'underthings' as my old 'underthings' no longer support me in the way I have become accustomed due to my weight loss. I finished reading Ann Hood's "The Knitting Circle" on the way in on the GO train and can now return it to the library. It was a good read although pretty predictable with a bit of far-fetchedness thrown in.

After finishing up on the Danforth, I took the subway to the Main station in order to walk the 1/2 block to the Danforth GO train station to await my eastward train. I got there in time to hear that the 3:24 train was delayed by 20 minutes. A couple of minutes later we were told it would be 30 minutes late as it was stopped west of downtown because IT HAD RUN OUT OF GAS! Say what? Huh? I've never heard such a thing. Sure enough, at 3:54 the train pulled into the station and on we got. Good grief. On the way into the city this morning we were delayed for 4 minutes because someone wishing to get off at the Scarborough station got on the wrong car and had to walk through the train at the station in order to get to a car where the doors would open as the doors on west half the train don't open due to station construction. The driver/announcer sounded really ticked off as he explained our delay while the person was making her way to the correct car and then after she got off and we were underway again. Crabby, crabby.

Fortunately, I had my Noro Silk Garden toe-up sock with me to work on. For the cost of the yarn, I'm not impressed with the two knots I've encountered nor the fact that although the ball band says 100g there are only 92g. Harumph. However, I am liking how it is knitting up. I'm using smaller needles (2.75mm) than recommended and am getting a nice dense fabric which will be very warm on my feet. I'm on the home stretch with the first sock as I've turned the heel and will knit the leg until I have a little more than 46g of yarn left on the ball (92g/2 socks = 46g each). That should ensure a nice long leg and not much yarn left over after finishing sock number 2.

These colours are pretty true.

A couple of nights ago I knit another coffee cup sleeve in some leftover Noro Kureyon yarn.

And although it won't be done for THIS Christmas, I've continued to work on the Victoria Sampler Christmas bell pull hardanger project .

Scooter is with us until Christmas Day after dinner. We decided to go to the movies this evening and the consensus was that we see Disney's 'Bolt' in 3D. It was $2 more per person but very cute and lots of fun. The 3D glasses have improved from the previous cardboard ones with red and blue acetate gels. Ours tonight were plastic horn-rims - nerdy, yet, high tech. And there was a bin at the exit for recycling them. I don't remember hearing a lot about Bolt when it came out but it's a good family movie. Although there was some dramatic tension, there weren't any terrifying moments so even really small children would enjoy it.

Tomorrow we will spend Christmas Eve the way we have for the last 13 years - with Skip's former neighbours in the West Rouge, Norm and Lena. Lena puts on an amazing Swedish spread with dried ham, Swedish meatballs, Mr. Jannson's temptation, rödbetssallad (beetroot salad), wonderful cheeses, rice pudding, little sticky toffees called knäck, and glögg. I have decided that, although I won't go 'hog wild' during the holidays, I plan to enjoy all elements of our Christmas dinners and may even partake in some glögg at Lena's and some wine with our turkey dinner. To atone for any gastronomic sins, I plan to go to 4 Zumba classes next week as there are two extras on the schedule; one on Dec. 31 at 9:30 in Oshawa and one on Jan. 1 at 9:30 in Bowmanville.

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