Tuesday, 30 December 2008

My Own Little Unorthodox Yom Kippur - In A Manner of Speaking

I participated in several celebratory events that involved food over the past couple of weeks - 3 pot luck events, Christmas dinner and a couple of post Christmas leftover turkey dinners with leftover cranberries and leftover scalloped potatoes. Does it count that I added 1/2 cup of peas? Anyway I am now atoning for my gastronomic sins.

Now, I know Yom Kippur is a 'day' of atonement but I'm going to take a whole week. My method involves going to the gym every day starting last Saturday. I've done 2 Zumba classes and one weight-lifting class since then and have the achy muscles to show for it. I have 2 more Zumba classes on the roster for this week and at least one more weight-lifting class and possibly another aerobic class of some type. My other motivation is a little card which, when initialled 28 times by class instructors, entitles me to win a cheap, plastic luggage tag. Hey, turn something into a competition and I'm there. This is where I am on this card.

I had another card with 17 stars initialled but I LOST IT!!! So I started this card at the beginning of December in an attempt to catch up before the deadline of Sunday 4 January.

The Zumba instructor in Bowmanville gave me bonus initials because I sing during our class. :-)

Here are my loved ones at our little Christmas dinner. We are small in number but mighty in enthusiasm.

On the stitching front, I completed two little stockings which hang on the wreaths on our front doors.

I stitched the mitten back in the 90s.

I also finished stitching the Victoria Sampler Christmas bellpull.

Yesterday I finished the first Noro Silk Garden 4 x 1 ribbed, toe-up sock. I used a loose tubular bind off (Knit One, Purl One) and got a fairly stretchy top. I kept weighing the ever-diminishing-in-size skein until I had exactly half the yarn left. I will start the 2nd sock sometime soon - when I'm not sweating my arse off at the gym, that is. Vickie reminded me that I could have done an afterthought heel which would have made things a bit easier. Maybe next time.

Ollie got his Christmas mousie and really seemed to like it.

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