Friday, 5 December 2008

Then and Now

I've been working on losing weight since the summer. Starting at the beginning of June, I power-walked 30 - 40 min. per day for three solid weeks with no change on the scales. I started with a personal trainer on July 23 and spent 6 weeks working with her on the weight machines three times a week followed by 20 min. of work on the treadmill. This program included a very proscribed, low fat, low cal eating plan. After the 6 weeks I had lost 8.2 lb. of fat and gained 1.4 lb. of lean muscle mass. I also had lost 9 3/4 inches off my bust, waist and hips. I have continued to follow the healthy, nutritious, balanced meal plan and have been going to Zumba classes 2 - 3 times a week plus working in a weight-training class every week. Today, 3 months after finishing with the personal trainer, I have lost a total of 23.3 lb of fat and gained 6.6 lb of lean muscle mass for a net loss of 16.7 lb. I have literally worked my butt off as evidenced by my reduced pants size.

It has been a gradual process and happily, not too painful. I have learned how to eat properly and have actually been cooking meals on a regular basis for the first time in my life. Not only has eating at home more been good on our food budget, I've had total control of what's been going in my mouth. I really haven't felt deprived at all. The best thing is that I'm now more fit and healthy than I ever have been in my life. My blood pressure last week was 110/70 - down 10 points in both numbers.

This time, things just seemed to 'click' for me where I had always floundered before. The motivator was when I saw a very unflattering picture taken of me. Yikes! I could no longer deny that I had allowed my eating to get out of control. Also, a couple of my friends had recently shed a significant amount of weight and I wanted to be a 'copycat'. I also have diabetes and colon cancer in my family history and decided that I wanted as good a quality of life as I could possibly create for myself. I want to be able to get on and off a toilet unassisted, climb stairs, walk for an extended period of time and not have sore hip and knee joints from carrying around too much weight. I want to enjoy my retirement to the fullest. I had to admit I needed help and shelling out the cash for a personal trainer made me accountable really quickly.

My sister, Valerie, created side by side photos of me taken then (May 15) and a couple of weeks ago (Nov. 23?). See any difference? I'm minus at least one chin.

Only 5 lb. 'til I get to my next goal weight and then 6 more after that to my ultimate goal. Stay tuned...


  1. Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Maybe I will copycat, too.