Thursday, 29 January 2009

Day Three

On Tuesday when we left home, I took a picture of Skip in the driveway.

This snow better not be there when we get back!!!

Today we drove through the area where the ice storm had gone through yesterday. I've never seen so much ice. Power lines were down everywhere. We had lunch at a McDonald's in Charleston, MO where the power was out in most of the town.

Local townspeople were going there to stay warm and get something to eat. McDs had no salads so we had cute, little hamburgers. While we were eating the power went out and they locked the doors. We were very fortunate to have gotten something to eat.

A little farther up the road we tried to stop at to places to use the rest room and they were not operating - no electricity, no water pumps working = no toilets working.

Finally we found a gas station with power and working toilets!

On the radio it was reported that many of the thousands of people without power would not have it restored until mid-February. We saw dozens of trucks with cherry pickers and augers out trying to get the lines working again but saw as many hydro poles snapped off and hundreds of ice-encrusted hydro lines down.

Because we got an early start, gained an hour crossing into Central time and thus gained more sunshine, we clocked 798 km today.

We passed billboards for Lambert's Cafe in Sikeston, MO - the site of our gigantic dinner at the home of 'throwed rolls' a year ago today.

We are now cozily ensconsed in our Super 8 in Lonoke, AR - a few miles east of Little Rock, AR.

We had a delicious dinner at Pruett's - a barbeque and catfish fry place recommended by the gal who checked us into our room. Skip had the 2 fillet meal. It consisted of 3 fillets, fried, cole slaw and hush puppies. I had a small BBQd pulled pork sandwich with a side of beans.

We'll be in Texas tomorrow night.

I only knit a 1.5 inches on the Must Have Cardigan II today. If you look closely (click on the photo) you will notice the absence of the word 'Merino' beneath the words 'Classic Wool' on the label.

I had always assumed Patons Classic Wool was merino wool until I read on someone's blog that it has to have the word 'merino' on the ball band. So I guess this is just regular wool.

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