Friday, 23 January 2009

Dental Dilemma

The other day, Skip was chewing a piece of pizza and 'CRUNCH' - off broke a chunk of tooth. It was one that he was considering getting capped/crowned anyway but not before going south. For a couple of days we waited anxiously for the dentist's verdict - wondering if we'd have to delay our departure to the sunny south. Yesterday she put a filling in the tooth and built up the part that broke off. This morning when Skip went for a checkup, the dentist determined that the filling would be adequate for now if he was careful and she'd do the crown after we get back. So all systems are go for a Tuesday departure. Yay!

I have notepads all around the house to write down things that I have to remember to do or take before we leave. I've been through almost all my knitting projects and have selected what I'll be taking. Just getting all my knitting needles in one place was quite an undertaking but it's great to have them all organized now. Now I need to finish figuring out what stitchery I'm going to be taking.

I have been commissioned to knit my friend, Mark, a pair of executive-length (over-the-calf) argyle socks. I found a website that allows me to enter all the dimensions and then it generates a pattern. I found the yarn in the colours Mark wanted: black (main colour) and two shades of grey with the criss-cross in red.

It will be interesting to knit as one doesn't just knit this type of sock in the round. One way would be to knit the diamond part with intarsia as a flat piece and then stitch it up the back and then knit the ankle and foot as a tube. However, the generated pattern uses a seamless technique where the diamonds are knit with short rows and the coloured diamonds are then fit in between the main colour diamonds.

On a completely different topic...

The other day, I was reading a local artsy newspaper and came across the pictured works of a local artist, Sharon Recalla, and hooted when I saw this piece, which she (unfortunately for me) has already sold.

It's called "Michelangelo's Cat".

Now I have probably violated some linking protocol so here's the link to her website.

I think it's brilliant.

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