Monday, 2 February 2009

Day Six - Arriving at Last

We arrived in Brownsville at about noon today and went immediately to the Tourist Information Centre to inquire about the International Birdwatching Festival we hope to attend.

The pyramid behind me is the information centre.

Unfortunately, although the birding festival was a huge success two years ago when Skip attended on his own (I was still working), it was cancelled last year and never got off the ground this year. What a bummer.

However it was a lovely sunny day and we saw our first little lizard in front of the info centre.

He was about 10cm (4") long.

We then headed to South Padre Island to have lunch at The Lost Galleon and check into our condo. This is a shot towards the south end of the island from the Queen Isabella Bridge from Port Isabel on the mainland.

It was 26C when this picture was taken.

When I called Viviana, the property manager, she informed us that the repairs to the condo we were supposed to occupy had not been completed so we are in a completely different location - in a condo complex at the south end of the island. It has a pool and hot tubs, tennis courts and a laundry room on the premises.

Tomorrow we are going birding right after breakfast, will shop for the rest of the provisions for the condo and get some laundry done.

I had about 10" done on the back of the Must Have Cardigan II but upon closer inspection I noted that I hadn't crossed a cable the right way about 4" back so had to frog and correct my mistake. Oh well, it just means I get to do more knitting.

This parting shot is of the cover of the Palestine (pronounced Palace-teen), TX phone book. We stayed there two nights ago.

Texas just isn't like any other place on earth. And we love it.

Here's the entire route we travelled this week.

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  1. 4 days. no blog. what has happened to you? we are in withdrawal already.