Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Lace Scarves

I finished knitting the Madli's scarf on Sunday. It will look great once it is blocked but that will have to wait until I get home.

I started the Peacock Tail and Leaf scarf from Nancy Bush's "Knitted Lace of Estonia", one of my favourite knitting books.

I have knit and frogged several times. The KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud yarn in Papaya colourway is very fine and I had to frog twice to get the right needle size - 3.25mm. (What! Me? Swatch?) I calculated how many repeats I needed to achieve approximately an 11" blocked width as I only had 400m of yarn. The lace pattern is not hard, but a bit fiddly and I had to 'tink' (knit backwards or un-knit) several times and finally resorted to using a life line.

Things are going well and if I keep at it, I could have the knitting finished within the week. As per usual for the rectangular scarves/shawls in this book, it is first knit with an edging that continues into the centre pattern. Then a second edging is knit and grafted onto the other end of the centre part. Once I knit the second edging, I can knit the centre part until practically all the yarn is used up. This scarf will block out to half again as wide and should be quite long.

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