Thursday, 12 February 2009

Late Afternoon Birding

After our big day of birding yesterday (our second this week) we took it easy today. After breakfast, I went for a long walk up the beach and back - about 5 miles (8.1 km). It was a perfect day for walking - not too windy and it was overcast.

I did some knitting and after lunch and Skip's nap we went to the post office (no mail for us) to mail some postcards, the car wash and birding at the convention centre.

The birding conditions were perfect. It was low tide and the water was really calm. There were tons of gulls, skimmers and terns - mostly royal terns. My pictures today were of much better quality.

In addition to those photographed, we also saw through the scope (but didn't get pictures of): a long-billed dowitcher, a black-bellied plover and a willet.

Lesser and greater yellowlegs

Greater yellowlegs

Marbled godwit

Pied-bill greve in breeding phase

White ibis

Brown pelican taking off. This species is endangered but is making a comeback since DDT was outlawed.

Reddish egret

Roseate spoonbill

The secretive Clapper Rail.

Lesser yellowlegs

Pintail duck

It's going to be 84F tomorrow (29C).

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