Tuesday, 24 February 2009

This and That - Lots o' Pics

We haven't done much that is terribly blogworthy lately - just some local birding and hanging out.

Yesterday we braved the brisk north wind, packed a lunch and went to the SPI convention centre to see what we could see. We saw lots of gulls, terns, egrets (white, snowy and reddish), tricolour and great blue herons, a killdeer and a semipalmated plover. We also saw the resident alligator for our first time this year. We figure he's at least 6 feet long.

Returning from Port Isabel yesterday, I took a photo of the area where we are staying south of the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway. Ours is the building under the asterisk (I didn't know how to put an arrow on the photo).

It's a 6-storey building, one of two identical ones built in the 80s and the southernmost condos on the island. It's not right on the beach but pretty close.

Today we wandered around Port Isabel. Skip posed by the lighthouse before our lunch of enchiladas and tostadas.

I posed by a pirate.

This was the only day I've worn jeans since our arrival on Feb. 1. I should have worn capris because it was quite warm without the usual stiff breeze.

There was an osprey sitting atop the world's largest fly fishing rod (80 ft. tall). He was looking right at us.

We then went to Laguna Madre 10km away and saw another osprey that had just caught a fish. We made him nervous so he flew around looking for a safe place to land

but he ended up on top of a telephone pole with the fish firmly grasped in one of his talons.

I finished the Peacock Tail and Leaf scarf and started a scarf using the Maikell's Shawl pattern from "Knitted Lace of Estonia" with KnitPicks Shadow 100% merino wool yarn in the Juniper colourway.

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