Sunday, 15 March 2009

Ides of March

Scooter arrived on Friday night. His flights and connection in Houston went without a hitch, which is a good thing because we didn't have a Plan B if he had missed his connection in Houston - 7 hours away by car.

He was all ready for the hot weather when he got off the plane.

Unfortunately, we are having a 3-day cold snap and it's been FREEZING (not literally but it's damned cold). Tomorrow it should go back up to the 80s (24C-ish).

Yesterday we slept in because we were up late after Scooter's arrival - catching up, watching Letterman and Craig Ferguson on TV and generally being with each other for the first time in almost 2 months. We did walk to Captain Roy's for lunch and then to the beach so Scooter could see the Gulf. It's a big weekend in NCAA basketball so Skip and Scooter have been glued to the TV.

This morning we got going and went birding at the convention centre. We were very surprised to see that the area has been bulldozed creating more waterways but destroying all of the habitat that the denizens had been accustomed to. However we did see some birds we haven't seen there before including a ruby-throated hummingbird) (archilochus colubris), yellow-crowned night-heron (nyctanassa violacea), white ibis (eudocimus albus) and a yellow-throated warbler* (dendroica dominica).

Also spotted and photographed was the:

Hooded oriole*
(ictarus cucullatus)

Red knot*
(calidris canutus)

Barn swallow
(hirundo rustica)

(charadrius vociferus)

* life list bird (first time ever seen)

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