Monday, 2 March 2009

In Like a Lion

On Saturday we attended the first annual Texas Independence Day celebration in San Benito. Unfortunately is was really cold and windy. When we left the island the temperatures were in the high 70s and by the time we got to San Benito it was in the low 50s and drizzly. The organizers were having a heck of a time getting the replica of the Alamo to stay upright in the wind.

Skip and I were in shorts and wouldn't venture out of the car. The local people were in parkas. The parade was supposed to be at 11am but at noon when we drove by the marshalling area the horses were still all there.

Dejectedly, we admitted defeat and went for lunch and shopping instead.

Yesterday we packed things up in preparation to move to the condo we had rented for March - with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Just as we were finishing loading the car, Viviana (the property manager we work with) drove up to give us the keys. We made a last check for items and then drove over to Las Palmas, Unit 7. It is in much better condition than the Gulfview II unit and cleaner, although there really isn't that much more living space if you don't count the 2nd bathroom and bedroom.

We have subscribed to dial-up service for the month. Altho' it is a bit slower (and almost impossible to upload photos) it is about the same speed as a 'good' connection with high speed internet. We will survive.

It got very cold last night - into the 40s F but we refused to put on the heat. Instead we bundled up in our winter clothes and piled on extra sweaters, wooly socks, etc.

Today it is a bit warmer and thankfully there is NO WIND. We went birding at the convention centre where the water was like glass.

Tricolour Heron

Semipalmated Plover

Eastern Mockingbird

The temperature today is about 70F but by the weekend the highs will be in the 80s. Of course the wind is going to pick up as well.

Tomorrow, we'll golf 9 holes in the early afternoon in Brownsville. There's good birding there as well. Last year I saw a vermilion flycatcher and blue-winged teal there.

On Wednesday we are scheduled to go on an escorted birding tour at the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge about 30km from here. It's supposed to be warm but windy.

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