Monday, 13 April 2009

THE Bunny, Sensors and a Scarf

After Scooter's surprise arrival on Friday I made quick plans to have some type of special observation of Easter. I had to do all the shopping on Saturday along with all of the other harried Easter feast preparers. As I am on an austerity kick, I actually scanned the grocery store flyers for the best deals in the stuff we like to eat. At the store that had the most items on my list, I managed to find a small, fresh, stuffed chicken for Sunday's dinner and arrived home laden with my other purchases.

I was happily cleaning up after dinner on Saturday when I realized that the Easter Bunny had not done any preparation for Easter morning! So out I (E. B.) went to WalMart to do some last-minute candy egg buying. Wow! The shelves were almost bare but I did manage to find some Reese's Pieces eggs, some mini dark chocolate-filled candy eggs and some popping chocolate eggs. That's right candy eggs with pop rocks in the chocolate centres. E.B. also found a bag of caramel-filled eggs for herself. I made little Easter baskets for Skip and Scooter and went to bed.

We had a nice day yesterday. E.B.'s delivery was appreciated. We went to Markham for 'dim sum' lunch (Scooter filled up on KD when we got home) and roast chicken dinner was a big hit.

This morning, I got the car hooked up to the diagnostic computer scanner at the dealership and got good news and bad news. The bad news was that just getting the car scoped cost $119 plus tax! Sheesh! It was only $49 in Texas. Anyway, the good news was that the EGR sensor(exhaust gas recirculation - which controls and reduces nitrogen oxide formation) that had to be replaced was still under warranty so the part and labour didn't cost anything!! So I guess it was a mixed blessing. And no more check engine light glowing!

While the car was being worked on, I tinked a couple of rows of the denim Sea Silk Nightsongs shawl and tried to find my place in the pattern so I could continue knitting. The yarn is souvenir yarn I picked up in NS last September. I'll have to have another go at it later.

In the meantime, I got photos of the newly-blocked Madli II chipotle scarf.


That's three blocked with two to go. The Maikell shawl is soaking right now so I'll get it done this afternoon.

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