Friday, 10 April 2009

Facebooking and Blocking

My friend, Suzanne, got me onto Facebook a couple of years ago. Since then I have had a great deal of fun finding people from my past, posting pictures of my knitting and travels, posting photos of long-time friends, keeping in touch with people, sending messages, playing games, etc. There are those who pooh-pooh online communities but I say "don't knock it 'til you've tried it".

This evening, for instance, the daughter of one of my friends was looking at a photo I had posted of my sister, Valerie, and myself on my Valerie's wedding day in 1967.

My niece remarked about how short I was in the photo as I am now 6" taller than Valerie. I explained that I had just turned 13 the month before and I stayed that height until Grade 10.

The daughter of another long-time friend asked if I had photos of her mom, Francey, from our college (university) days so I went rummaging and found a few and posted them as well. The best ones, however, were of Francey and Rich's wedding day in 1980.

I met Francey in Grade 13. She moved to my hometown that year and we attended the same high school, were in the same French class and were in the school production of "Beckett". She was a lady-in-waiting and I was a court minstrel.

We ended up attending the same university ('the centre of all learning in the universe' - The University of Western Ontario) and were roommates for a couple of years. I dated her brother for 3 1/2 years and I pledged her sorority.

She also attended my wedding in 1998.

Lorna, me and Francey.

Summer of '07 we visited Francey in Columbia, Missouri.

We're wearing our Gamma Phi Beta flip flops.

Last fall the three of us spent a week in PEI, NS and NB.

What great memories - what great friends.

I don't even try to explain how much fun I have with Facebook, Ravelry, msn messenger, etc. to the nay-sayers. Some people just aren't open to trying new things. And it is their loss. If I had a CrackBerry, I'd be Twittering, too!

Now for knitting news. I grafted the 2nd border onto the Madli's Scarf II knit with KnitPicks Chipotle Gloss Lace and I blocked the Lily of the Valley scarf knit with KnitPicks Mango Gloss Lace.

Two down, three to go.

Scooter arrived on very short notice today for the long weekend so I can't do any more blocking tonight. (I use his bed). Will block more tomorrow.

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