Monday, 6 April 2009

Home Again

We left South Padre Island on Tuesday morning stopping overnight at Buffalo, TX; West Memphis, AR; Greenfield, IN and Petrolia, ON (my sister's) before arriving home on Saturday at 11:30am.

We decided to try and make it home by Saturday so Skip could rest up, go visit his mother and meet Scooter downtown today to attend the Blue Jays' season opener.

As we were driving around 800km per day, I was pretty pooped each night and didn't blog along the way. The car performed wonderfully in spite of the fact that the 'check engine' light would come on and go out sporadically for no apparent reason.

In Texas, we got to see the blue bonnets along the side of the road. It is the state flower.

The weather was good except for a wee bit of drizzle on Saturday as we neared Toronto.

I am slowly getting unpacked, sorting through mail, paying bills, attending to timed items, answering correspondence, doing some banking, etc. etc. I hope to get to the gym for my 5:45 Zumba class today. I need to get moving!!!

I have imposed a fitness bootcamp on myself to make up for sitting in a car for 5 days and doing virtually no cardio while we were away. I'm pleased that only gained about a pound. I did stick pretty much to my eating program except when I had the odd plate of enchiladas, entomatadas or taquitos.

I have a bunch of lace scarves to block and tons of spring cleaning to do around the house. A knitter's work is never done.

Now home, the weather is crappy - cold and windy - and snow is expected. Pooh! I sure miss palm trees, blue skies, the sound of the waves on the shore and the warm breezes. Only 9.75 months 'til we return.

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